The Chikka SMS API allows you to create SMS-based applications or integrate the service to your existing applications using HTTP POST interface.

  • Text messaging API

    Develop applications that send and receive SMS. The Chikka SMS API enables users to communicate with your application using their mobile phones to get info about your products/services or receive updates from your brand - YOUR CODE DECIDES.

  • Build intelligent communications

    Chikka lets you use standard web languages to build SMS-based applications. We are connected to local carrier networks and render them to you via a clean and powerful API. So prepare your favorite programming language, a web server and develop the next generation of communications with Chikka.

Why use the Chikka SMS API

  • Secured

    Chikka SMS API requires you to add a system-generated secret key for all the messages you send.

  • Language-independent

    Integrate the Chikka SMS API to your preferred programming language.

  • Reliable support

    Technical experts are available to provide assistance on API-related concerns.

  • Delivery confirmation

    Your applications are notified regarding the status of your sent messages.

What you can do with the Chikka SMS API

  • Check Balance

    Allow bank customers to check their current account balance via SMS.

  • Launch Promos

    Improve branding awareness through text promos.

  • Verify Accounts

    Let you authenticate your users and their accounts through SMS verification.

  • Notify Customers

    Let people know when their bills are due, table reservation is ready, or a storm is coming.

  • Advertise Products and Services

    Send mobile alerts to help increase sales.

  • Track Delivery

    Allow your customers to trace the delivery of their packages.

  • Provide Technical Support

    Through SMS, your customers may be served better by quickly responding to their questions and helping them understand the product/service more.

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