1. Getting to know the Chikka SMS API

    The Chikka SMS API allows you to create SMS-based applications or integrate the service into your existing applications using HTTP POST interface.

    It enables you to develop apps that can send and receive SMS using phone numbers or short codes. Our SMS API makes it possible for your users to communicate with your application or to conveniently receive updates from their favorite brands.

    The Chikka SMS API gives you the freedom to use standard web languages to build your SMS-based applications. And one of the best things about our API is that it will seamlessly connect your applications to the major Philippine carriers without any hassle.

    1. Benefits


      Chikka SMS API requires a system-generated secret key for all the messages you send to ensure that your data stays private.


      The Chikka SMS API can be seamlessly integrated into any programming language you prefer.

      Reliable support

      Our technical experts are always available to provide assistance on anything you need to know about the Chikka API.

      Delivery confirmation

      Notifications on the status of your sent messages will help you closely monitor transactions.

    2. Features

      Check Balance

      Allow bank customers to check their current account balance via SMS.

      Launch Promos

      Improve branding awareness through text promos.

      Verify Accounts

      Let your users authenticate their accounts through SMS verification.

      Notify Customers

      Let people know when their bills are due, table reservation is ready, or a storm is coming.

      Send mobile alerts to help increase sales.

      Track Delivery

      Allow your customers to trace the delivery of their packages.

      Provide Technical Support

      Through SMS, your customers may be served better by quickly responding to their questions and helping them understand the product/service more.

    1. Short Code

      Upon creating an account, you will be assigned a unique short code, which you can choose from list of suggestions; or better yet, you can set your preferred short code. However, please take note that the assignment of short codes is on a first-come, first-served basis.

      Your short code will appear in this format: 29290+<preferred 3 to 6 digits unique suffix combination>. Example: 29290123456


      Once you've used up your free trial, your unique short code will expire after 30 days of inactivity.

      Your expired short code may then be reallocated to another user. Your account, however, will remain accessible for you for any future SMS API-enabled projects you will have. After the deactivation of your short code, you will be asked to assign a new one when you log in to your account.

    1. Valid Activities

      Feel free to utilize the Chikka SMS API for your applications, except for the following:

      • SMS loan offers
      • SMS real estate marketing
      • SMS VAS subscription services
    2. Censorship

      As general rule, offensive or explicit language in your messages will not be tolerated. Our system will automatically filter offensive or explicit words included in messages. The system will only display the first two characters of the filtered word and replace the rest with asterisks (*). Example: sh** for … you know what it is.


    1. I cannot confirm my test mobile number because I did not receive a text message with my verification code. What should I do?

      Make sure that you have entered your correct mobile number. Also, please wait for a few minutes as network congestion can sometimes cause delay in delivering your verification code.

    2. I did not receive a PIN code when I purchased via Smart Payment. What should I do?

      Make sure you have entered a valid mobile number that is NOT tied to a corporate account. If your number is not tied to a corporate account and you still did not receive a PIN code within a few minutes, kindly purchase the package/s again. Don't worry, you will only be charged once and that is after you have entered the correct PIN code.

    3. I did not receive a confirmation message after I entered my PIN code. What should I do?

      You can always view the status of your purchases online. In the Chikka API Dashboard, just go to your Purchase History.

      If the Transaction Status is:

      • SUCCESSFUL: Don't worry, you have successfully purchased your package/s. The delivery of your confirmation message may have just been delayed due to network congestion or other network-related problems. You may also check your email for the confirmation message regarding your transaction.
      • PENDING: Kindly wait for a few minutes as your transaction is still being processed.
      • FAILED: Make sure you have sufficient load to purchase your package/s. Once you have the enough balance, kindly try purchasing again. For other concerns, you may contact
    1. My access code appears too long. Can I get a 5-digit access code?

      Unfortunately, the minimum length for an access code is 8 digits. This includes the 29290 prefix.

    1. I am a Smart subscriber. Why can't I purchase Chikka API credits?

      Kindly check if your mobile number is valid and not tied to a corporate account. Most corporate numbers are not allowed to purchase Chikka API credits.

    1. Would the tariff rate (e.g. Php 1.00), which is charged to the user, cover the charge rate (e.g. Php 0.40 for Smart) of my reply message?

      No, the tariff rate and the charge rate are settled separately.

      The tariff rate (request cost) is the amount you desire to charge the user/recipient and it is deducted from the user's actual load. On the other hand, the charge rate (credits cost) is the cost of your reply message and it is deducted from your Chikka API credits.

    1. I don’t want to charge my customers for their text. How do I do this?

      You can cover the costs of your users’ messages by choosing the FREE reply charge (request_cost). Reverse Billing will then be implemented and you will be charged Php 0.40 for Smart/Sun and Php 0.50 for Globe. This is on top of the credits you will be using to reply to your user.

    1. Why can't I send/receive SMS to/from the Chikka API short code?

      Make sure that your mobile number is VALID and is NOT tied to a corporate account. Most corporate numbers are blocked from sending and receiving text messages from an access code.

    2. Are there any limitations in receiving messages?

      Yes, upon receiving a message, the recipient must send a REPLY (refer to Reply to an SMS). Otherwise, the mobile number will be restricted from sending messages to your access code for the next 24 hours.

    3. If a user sends a multi-part message to my access code, will the Chikka API send the message as a single transaction?

      No, the Chikka API will send a multi-part message separately depending on the number of message parts. For example, a 2-part message will be sent as 2 separate messages to your access code.

      Please note that if the user sends a multi-part message, only the first message might be received, unless the recipient sends a reply. This is due to the limit imposed by the API in receiving messages (refer to Limitation in Receiving Messages).

How to's

  1. Update your API settings

    Update your API settings

    Update your API settings

  2. Get your short code

    Get your short code

    Get your short code

  3. Enroll a test mobile number

    Enroll a test mobile number

    Enroll a test mobile number

  4. Send a free test message

    Send a free test message

    Send a free test message

  5. Receive confirmation message

    Receive confirmation message

    Receive confirmation message

  6. View transaction history

    View transaction history

    View transaction history